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Hello and Welcome. I am Ann K' of the Newcomer Magazine. I am an Educator. Teaching is in my blood and I love it! I grew up with educators and I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an educator.

I was educated in Canada and the United Kingdom and my background is in  Humanitarian Work, Teaching, Writing and Social Work. After graduating form university, I travelled overseas to teach English. During my international teaching career, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects to a wide array of learners. To date, I have taught Pre-schoolers, K-Adults, Special Need Students, Slower Learners, Business Professionals, and Adult Educators.

I spent many years living and teaching in Asia and know first hand, what if feels like to be a language student living in a foreign city. It was for this reason that I started The Newcomer Magazine. Its been 7+years and I am still at it. I love working with Special Needs Students, Children of Newcomers, Slower Learners and ESL Adult Learners. I do this in person (one-on-one) and I operate in the GTA area.

English Language Coaching for Business Professionals

As an English Language Coach, I help people gain the confidence needed to improve and master their English speaking skills. A primary focus of my personalized sessions is on helping my clients learn how the English language system works and how to put it in motion. I work on Accent Management , Pronunciation, Grammar, Tonalities and the Interpersonal Nuances of the English Language. I offer in home one-on-one sessions, small groups sessions, or virtually.  

Thank you for stopping by and I am really looking forward to seeing you in one of my class. Please remember watch us on you-tube and please give us a like! 

Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things!

My Favourite Colours: Red, Fuchsia, Canary Yellow, Forest Green, Cobalt Blue and (lately) Purple!

My Favourite Season: Spring

My Favourite Food: New England Chowder

My Favourite Sports: Soccer/Baseball

My Favourite Tea: Earl Grey Tea

The Simple things I enjoy
I like to sit in the back yard on a dark night gazing up at the sky . As my eyes adapt to the darkness and more and more stars pop up in the sky, I sit with a silly Cheshire grin gazing in wonderment!

I like to stand in the rain when everyone runs to take cover. 

I like the smell of freshly cut grass

I like the fresh earthy smell after a rain fall

I like to enjoying a cup of tea in the early morning when everyone is asleep and I have the kitchen all to myself

I like to add new and fresh changes to my everyday my everyday routine

I like to sleeping in on a Sunday mornings

Isn't it amazing when you receive a smile from a stranger?

So...........What are some of your favourite things?  

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ps. I would love to hear from you!